Sure, there is no one way to remove stains or do the laundry, but stain removal can be tough if we don't clean up our act. Some habits are really tiny so we tend to ignore them but they can turn out to be damaging in the long run.


Here are some small tweaks you can do to your usual washing or stain removal process to ensure your clothes are always safe and clean.

Keep it cool

If you're using a washing machine, be sure to adjust your settings depending on each load. Clothes made of lighter material won't need such a powerful cycle to clean and remove stains, especially if you've done a pre-soak.

Also suit water levels according to the amount of clothes and linens you have to wash and using cold water will benefit your pocket and the environment.

Don't overdo it

Using a stain remover like Vanish Power O2 means you won't need to use so much product to get the work done. Even for the tough stains, simply following the instructions in the package ensures that your favourite fabrics are saved from all those unwanted dirt and grime.

Always keep in mind that most cleaning products are already concentrated and powerful so doubling the amount you need to remove stains can cause more damage to the items you wish to clean.

Let the sunshine in

The tumble dryer can also bloat your energy bill, so bust out your clothes line and air out your fabrics naturally. The sun will help your laundry dry faster and smell fresher.

Live worry free with Vanish

Staining is usually caused by accidents, but we can stop being such worry-warts if we have Vanish Stain Remover always ready to come to the rescue. Whether you're cooking up a feast for friends to remember, or having a fun time letting the kids get messy and creative on a weekend, you're always confident that your favourite fabrics are never in danger of being ruined by nasty stains.

Making a few adjustments to your usual way of doing laundry can help effectively eliminate and prevent future problems. From hard to remove stains to extending laundry efficiency to your other household concerns like budgeting, a little definitely goes a long way!