What's worse than stains, spills, and other laundry accidents? By now we know that Vanish is the best stain remover for day-to-day cleaning situations and even the toughest stains. But what do you do when your favourite fabrics are damaged and fade in colour because of too much bleaching or washing? These kinds of mistakes are mostly irreversible, and can be avoided with a good stain remover before they even happen.

Avoiding Damage

Most mums live by the saying that, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Proper care and handling of garments should be practised from the very start, from the right temperature of water and by using a mild cleaning agent or stain remover like Vanish Power 02 Liquid.

Whether you're doing a regular wash or dealing with a tough stain, it's important to note down clothing care symbols that are attached to your garment, and to use only products and stain removers that you truly trust.

The Real Stain Remover

The first impulse of most mums when confronted by common but tough stains is to use bleach and not a stain remover. This is usually too strong for most sensitive fabrics and will weaken the fibres that make up your most favourite shirt, sheets, table mantle, or anything else that you're just not ready to dispose of yet.

Usually, bleach only lightens the colour of the stain and does not tackle the root cause of the problem. Bleach is widely known as a very potent substance that is not only corrosive to your clothes, but also to your skin when not diluted properly.

Another thing to watch out for, is discoloration. Just as a stray red sock in a pile of whites can cause a disaster, a scoop of bleach can be just as disastrous. Sure, it can whiten clothing, but it has the huge disadvantage of fading colour, especially on cotton fabric.

With all these disasters waiting to happen right after a stain accident has already occurred, it's best to know which stain remover can really help you.

Safety Always Comes First

Because it is an oxygen-based stain remover and not chlorine bleach, Vanish Power 02 Liquid can be very tough on stains yet gentle even on the most delicate of fabrics. Vanish lifts and loosens dirt and grime, completely removing stains and cleaning it from your affected garment.

So what's the worst laundry stain you've ever encountered? Be ready to make it a thing of the past, because right at the heart of it, we value the time and effort you put into caring for both small and big things at home. With Vanish in each wash, you'll be sure that stains are gone, without the damage, and always colour safe. Every minute you spend washing clothes isn't wasted and you'll never be in danger of another laundry disaster.