Just as each stain is different, every time you use Vanish to remove stains can also be unique. Whether you're pre-treating, soaking, or washing your garments, the variety of ways by which you can use Vanish Stain Remover will definitely help keep your fabrics stain-free, no matter how tough the challenge you need to face.


Below are just some of the wonderful tips that have been shared in our Vanish Tip Exchange community. Are any of these methods tried-and-tested for you? Or do you have your own trusty techniques to beat stains at any given time?

Blot out that blood

Our first weekly winner, Elena Harith, shares that to effectively get rid of blood stains, she would usually put soda water on the affected area, then wash it with soap or detergent. Afterwhich, she soaks the stained garment with Vanish Stain Remover for a couple of hours, and that's it. Short and sweet, does the trick!

Remove stains on the go

Jenn Jeng, our week 2 winner says that the best way to handle stains while you're out and about is to prepare a small spray bottle. Put in water and 1 scoop of Vanish Stain Remover, then shake the contents to mix. Carry your magic anti-stain potion with you so that you're ready whenever you or a family member encounters a stain.

Just clean off as much of the staining substance as you can, before spraying the mixture to help prevent the stain from setting. Jenn advises that this will buy you more time before you're able to give the affected garment a proper wash with Vanish when you get home.

Get rid of that grass stain

Week 3 winner, Hafizah Hasan, teaches us a pretty unique tip to remove grass stain from socks. What she does is rub asam limau on the stained area and then washes off the stain with soap. After, she then soaks the socks in Vanish Stain Remover and waits for a couple of minutes for the stain to be gone.

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