Here are some of our Vanish customers say about us, sharing the tips that they use everyday to improve the efficiency of removing stubborn stains just by one wash!


I've    constantly    asked my son to behave and not playing too hard in the school.  But there is always some    reason for him.    So instead of going out to buy him a brand new one, I would rather save up the money and look for the best/ easy way to clean it. 



I accidentally stained my Polo-T last week with my favorite chocolate drink -Milo. My bf said I drink like a kid. -___-  I told him that we all know that accidents do happen. Haha!  And here's the result! I'm so happy to see the result is very prominent without any hassle. Just a few steps with Vanish Power O2, my Polo-T is as good as a new one.



Earlier this week, my brother came back from shooting and he bring back mountains of dirty clothes (OH MY GOD!!!). Since he is currently filming an extreme water sport show. With all that running around, water rafting plus all the etc going into the forest and stuff, imagine what kind of stain he bring back with him.



Sepanjang saya menggunakan Vanish inilah kali pertama saya nak kongsikan dengan anda cara saya membersihkan pakaian putih yang terbasuh dengan pakaian bewarna dan pakaian kerja suami yang terkena dakwat pen.


Cik Lily

Tengoklah korang, berdanau hitam piak anak patung ni. Mana taknya letak kat kereta. Asal ada kotor sket dalam kereta bukan lap pakai tisu. Teddy bear ni semua jadi mangsa. Itulah berkeladak sungguh. Itulah dia serba sket pasal pembersih kotoran Vanish Power 02 ni. Kira macam Vanish ni menyenangkan kerja-kerja membasuh aku ni. So tak delah masalah lagi kalau ada kotoran degil melekat kat pakaian dah.